Everything at Vicki-Fay Art Glass is Hand Designed & Made By Me.  Every item Has Been Fired More Than Once.  I Work With Bulls Eye Glass & Recycle Glass.  I Love To See The Finished Result. Everything I Make Is Original & There Will Be Only One Of!!!<br>

I have always been fascinated by glass and I have been working with glass for 6 years now.  I started with one kiln and now I have two. Getting my own kilns inspired me to  experiment and create new individual pieces.  Everything I do is unique.  I love to take orders and enjoy the challenge of making things as perfect as they can be - but not shop formed. I have opened my shop because I like to share my work with other people and I hope they get as much pleasure from my work as I do.  It sometimes very hard to part with some of my favourite pieces and I know you will treasure them like I do. Glass work can not be rushed and the slower it is fired, the better the finished result.  Some of my work can take up to 4-5 firings which means up to 7 days of being in the kiln.  The anticipation of seeing the finished result is exciting and rewarding.  I work with Bulls-Eye Glass, & l love to recycle old bottle any other items.  There is never enough time in a day to create. I do pictures out of glass, bowls, coasters, vases, candle holders, platters and love to make fun individual pieces.  I enjoy working with di-chroic glass and make pendents and earrings, bracelets, broaches.  Please contact me if you have want something different and unique.

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